By Bill Rah

The Edinburgh Disco Lovers charity love affair continues. The collective of Disco Lovers have remained active throughout the pandemic.

Their series of DISCOLATION mixes has received over 3500 plays on soundcloud in the last 7 weeks.

The collective of DJ’s and activists have contributed to help those in need during the lockdown.

They have continued to support charitable causes by raising £255 for the Trussell Trust. The collective set a target of £500.

Trussell Trust have been distributing emergency food parcels throughout the pandemic.

To donate to the Trussell Trust. Click here


Newcastle based selector Murg drops the May cover mix for Behind The Decks. This will help get you through the week as you two-step in a safe environment.

In isolation during the lockdown he recored an uptempo Electro House mix for your pleasure this evening. Expect a high energy journey through House and Electro. The mix evokes memories of underground clubs.


Meg Ward seamlessly dropping the cover mix for Behind The Decks. This mix will guide you through the lockdown comfortably in your home where no one can shame you for your dancing.

In isolation she recorded a groovy House mix with shades of old school Chicago House. It starts slow and soft before descending into classic Chicago sounds and up-tempo acid beats. The mix concludes with a wavy finish perfect for afters.


Adelphi Music Factory the industrial northern collective dropped a new track.

Adelphi Music Factory Uprising: (I Can’t Wait) is a breath of fresh air. The heavy piano combined with uplifting house vocals provide summer dance floor vibes. The sample vocals alongside the piano riff blend a combination of retro disco and groovy house.

This tune is ideal for summer pool parties and so much more. The track opens with the up-tempo sample vocals before immediately kicking into gear. It’s a feel-good track that makes you want to move, groove and get back in a club.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown this is not possible. Despite the difficult circumstances, Adelphi Music Factory promote a musical message of hope. 

Following on from the Gospel House Trilogy (‘Javelin’, ‘Feel Right Now’, ‘Salvation’), sold out debut live shows in the Steel City and Printworks, now is the time for AMF to release ‘Uprising’.

A message from AMF on ‘Uprising’: 

‘2020 – but there’s no perfect vision. Across the world, people stand alone yet come together. In a time of confusion, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Pick it up here


A flurry of festivals have been cancelled in Scotland this week due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In Edinburgh FLY Open Air has been rescheduled to September 19th and Terminal V will be postponed until October 31st. Furthermore in Glasgow Riverside Festival has been postponed to an unspecified date this summer.

Several establishments such as Sneaky Petes, Edinburgh and The Berkeley Suite, Glasgow have started go fund me pages in order to ensure staff receive partial income. Clubs remain closed due to Government enforced orders.

Earlier this month Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Dundee was cancelled due to fears over the coronavirus pandemic. The epidemic is having a substantial impact on the socioeconomic and geopolitical landscape for artists, producers and promoters.

The impact has been devastating as over 13,000 deaths have been reported worldwide. The death toll in the UK has risen to 233.


By Bill Rah

There are certain factors in life that contribute to the perfect storm, which lead to a memorable and magnificent night. A spectacular venue with a ridiculous sound system, an exceptionally talented artist and an all around delightful vibe.

Glasgow’s renowned warehouse venue SWG3 hosts Mall Grab on a brutal sub zero Saturday night, in the midst of the fierce winds of Febuary. One can only dream of summer. However in order to kill some time until then, I thought it would be appropriate to return home.

It’s a rare occasion that one of my favourite DJ’s would be playing on a weekend I was free. It’s even rarer when your friend buys you a ticket. Mall Grab, otherwise known as Jordan Alexander was born in Australia and resides in Manchester. He is currently performing an international tour promoting his new record label Looking For Trouble.

He can provide an array of genres that will please an individuals ear drum. Although the deafening speaker of SWG3 can damage your ear drum. It’s a worthwhile double edged sword. SWG3 is the kind of club in which security are instructed to hand out water, in order to ensure the survival of the clientele. It is something that should be implemented in more venues.

When I entered the spacious warehouse that has been consistently used for raves in Glasgow it was a sense of relief. I was suddenly sucked back in to a familiar black vortex of obscene, unadulterated and filthy dance moves.

The phrase “Cutting shapes” has been thrown around in recent years along the Scottish music scene. However this was different. The rabid mob of ravers clenched their jaws in anticipation. The crowd was in a euphoric state of mind as expected in this environment.

The dynamic Australian DJ bopped around the decks with such zest. He executed his set flawlessly and performed multiple diverse genres. The exquisite sounds produced by Mall Grab are unique. He played harder material with a darker edge. The beats complimented the atmosphere of the underground warehouse. He transitioned to faster upbeat techno. The progressive rise in tempo and intensity was delivered with such ease. The young DJ had the crowd in the palm of his hand.

His technical prowess validate his status as a champion of house music. The evening ended with a roaring audience begging for an encore. Mall Grab delivered by dropping a track from his EP How The Dogs Chill, Vol 1. He finished with the simplistic lo-fi house anthem Liverpool Street In The Rain.