By Alice Smith

When did you start producing music?

I started producing my own music when I was 16.

 Are there any people or artists in particular who you would say sparked your love of electronic music? 

Oddly, film and TV shows got me interested in electronic music.  Sci-Fi films and shows in particular. I was more into the weird sound effects and atmospheres than anything else.  I didn’t really have much music around when I was very young so grew up on a diet of traditional Scottish music and Elvis Presley because my dad was obsessed with him.

What’s your favourite track off the new EP?

My current favourite is “Harmoinaig” as it came out of nowhere.  I just programmed the machines, pointed them in the right direction, negotiated a structure with them and it was done. Great when it happens like that. Makes the long evenings of things not gelling particularly well all worth it

What’s your creative process like?

Typically I switch on a few machines and see where it takes me. 90% of the time I have no idea what I’m aiming for and just follow my instinct (for good or for bad) until I have a 10-15 minute recording of the session (mostly in late evenings).  Then, if I feel I have more to say about a track, but haven’t had the time to see the idea through, I’ll possibly leave it plugged in for a few evenings until I have the bits in my head on tape. This was very much the process with the track “Harmoinaig”.

The EP is being released on In The Event of Capture Records which is also based in Glasgow. How did this link-up come about?

Through a mutual friend and all round top bloke  Orvar, who forwarded them a bunch of tracks I’d been working on late in the summer 2020.  They liked some bits and bobs and we discussed the possibility of doing something together and it just took shape from there.

What do you think makes the city’s nightlife and club scene so special?

It’s born out of a hard working mentality I think. Everyone grinds through the week doing whatever it takes to make ends meet and at the weekend we want to enjoy every moment of freedom and hang out with the folk that make us happy while listening to good music. Music is a true window to peoples lives in Glasgow as it is in many other cities but add the fact that the weather is always rubbish, the national football team is a constant disappointment, our expectations are high, our sense of humour is sharp and we have a strong sense of cultural identity. All these ingredients light Glasgow up and add that special something in the atmosphere.

Where are you most looking forward to playing live again when the time comes?

 Somewhere outdoors, preferably in the sunshine with a decent PA capable of vibrating the whole body.  

What does the rest of 2021 hold for you?

Lots of fresh air, Trying to keep healthy in body and mind, having fun whenever possible and making lots of music –  hopefully resulting in putting more of it out. And learning to drive.

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