By The Techno Doctor 

Attrox, the cutting edge techno producer dropped a new album this month. He discussed the meaning behind the album, starting up his own label and more. The prolific producer has supported high calibre selectors such as Carl Cox, Slam and Amelie Lens. His latest album has been in the works for 8 years. Showcasing his technical wizardry and combining his drumming skills which he developed in his youth. 

Check out his latest album here. 

What can fans expect to hear from your debut album ‘The Second Renaissance’?

An album that tells a story, this is not just techno the entire way through. Each track grows and is carefully placed. From the intro to the outro the album will grow, peak, and come down. It is meant to bring you on a journey, eyes closed. 

What’s your favourite track from the album and why?

hmmm, that’s a tough one if I have to pick one most likely “Darkest Abyss” The overall vibe really captures who I am. 

What’s the inspiration behind the title, ‘The Second Renaissance’?

It signifies change, Reflecting on the past and moving forward in a new skin. Evolution of self. 

After the release of the album have you been taking a break or is it straight back to the studio?

No breaks, I have 2 alias I have been working on, Melora and Three Faces Of Eve. Between the 3, there are no days off. 

What’s coming up on your own Starskream label?

I currently have an EP coming out by Coach, it’s a heavy hitter! Excited to share this one with the world. 

Growing up, who inspired you to make electronic music? 

At a young age, it was mostly “dance” music on the radio, so names like Culture Beat come to mind, eventually, a major inspiration was James Holden and Sven Väth. 

You’ve had support from some huge names across the scene like Amelie Lens, Slam and Carl Cox, but what’s been the highlight of your music career so far?

It meant the world to me when I received recognition from Slam seeing they are icons to me, another honour was collaborating with legend Markantonio, but maybe the highlight of it all was when I met my hero, Danny Tenaglia. A quick short story, he was playing at Stereo Montreal, once he was done playing, I was introduced to him. He tells I know you; I say no we’ve never met. He says yes, yes, I do! Brings me to the booth opens his laptop shows me his tracks turns out not only did he have a dozen of my tracks but he started singing the words to some of them and playing me his favourite. parts. I was honoured and speechless. He is the definition of an artist and a DJ to me. Absolute role model. 

Although we can’t dance together right now, where are you most looking forward to playing post-Covid? 

I was so excited about my tours this summer I would just love for those to happen again; I miss South America and the United States. Most of all, I need to be back in Stereo, there is a certain magic in there. Of course, I am not leaving Europe out. 

What can fans expect from an Atroxx show?

Healing aggression, I want people to come to my shows with all their problems and stomp the ground. I want it to feel therapeutic.

We ask all our artists the same closing question. What is the craziest thing you have seen from behind the decks?

I’ve seen some intense dance battles, injuries, and arrests but the highlight I would say when I was testing my track “Malfunction” at a festival about 11,000 people and the crowd lifted a man in his wheelchair and he started doing push off from his chair in the air. There is a video of this on my Instagram haha. Good times. 

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