By Bill Rah

On August 4th there was a devastating explosion in Beirut caused by large amounts on nitrate that killed 181 people. The aftermath has resulted in 300,000 people homeless and thousands injured.  

The deadly catastrophic incident that ripped through Beirut has left the country in dire need of support. The damage ruined a significant proportion of the cities infrastructure including many clubs and studios.  

Toumba, a DJ based in Amman, Jordan and Resident at Radio Flouka organized a VA in order to raise money for The Lebanese Red Cross and Beirut Musicians Fund. Grief Into Rage: A Compilation for Beirut is out today and features 40 artists including Liam Doc, Elise Massoni and many more talented producers.  

“Grief Into Rage is compilation by the community for the community, hoping to raise funds to be able to support Beirut and its people. 100% of profits will be donated to the Lebanese Red Cross and the Beirut Musicians’ Fund.” Toumba said in a statement on Bandcamp.  

He went on to explain the cultural impact of the city. “Beirut has always been the hub of Art and Music in the middle east and it has contributed a huge amount to developing the underground scene, especially in the Middle East, so I thought it was time for the scene to give back and help them get back on their feet.” 

Toumba is only 21 yet his production has been featured with Mixmag and he curated this VA for the benefit of others. “I’m hoping to raise funds to support The Lebanese Red Cross who work on the ground, directly help families, provide aid and even help with the pandemic.” 50% of the proceeds will go to the Red Cross and the other half will support local musicians who’s studios are in ruins.  

“I’m also donating to the Beirut Musicians’ Fund. This fund was started by Beirut musicians who have had their studios destroyed and can apply to this fund and send in an estimate of the damage caused. Their goal is around $35,000 They’re about $10-15k short.” The selector is savvy and generous as he is bringing producers together to give back to people who need our support the most.  

Buy the VA here

Donate to the Red Cross

1.Lara Sarkissian – A House is a Being
2.Arabs with Synthesizers – Rust ft. Rahhal
3.TSVI – Corale
4.elise Massoni – Ciao Bello 
5.Asifeh – CRDRS
6.Pablo Bozzi – Out of Sight
7.Nahash – Male Gakki (Synth Mix)
8.Asquith – I Don’t
9.Arabian Panther – Huriya
10.Sara Al Badawiya – Atla3 3ala Lebnan (Moving Still edit)
11.Laylow x TSVI x Hodge – Division Rouge (SHALT Edit)
12.BRD – Dune
13.Phatrax – Heavy Weather
14.Barow – Chasing Spring
15.Fairuz – Al Bosta (Liam Doc’s Heavy On The Low End Edit)
16.French II & King of Snake – Tribal Drum
17.Oldyungmayn & Van Boom – FiFi
18.96 Back – Love 4 Click
19.Monir – In Transit
20.Nova Cheq – Caralho
21.Toumba – Victims Not Martyrs 
22.ODDZ – Solid State Control
23.Matt Finnegan – Clap Back
24.Bonime – Kill Them All
25.Pugilist – First Contact
26.DJ Tess – Adriatica
27.Air Max ’97 – Plasticity 
28.DJ Plead – Baroud
29.Kendojubaki – Iraqi
30.Hermeth – Viper
31.DJ Ali – ModHall
32.8ULENTINA – Break the Cycle
33.Yazzus – Planet Pulse
34.D3M0R – Talk To Me
35.Thodén – Glint
36.Hiro Kone – Between Breath and Rage

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