Behind The Decks caught up with Macka during the lockdown to see how he is dealing with his life in isolation. During the lockdown the Sub Club Resident has become a key worker. When he isn’t feeding the nation he is hammering out production. Expect to see a new release later this year. Like millions his career has been put on hold. Which means he has nothing but time on his hands.

How you been keeping during the lockdown?

Life and music prior to the shock of the pandemic crisis was really on an up for myself personally and with everything being grounded to a total halt so quickly, it really did lead to a massive change in my feelings and plans for this year.

What have you been working on?

I’ve been investing into my production and really enjoying having the time to sit and work on different aspects of my music. I guess a plus side has been all of the fantastic music coming out of lockdown, especially out of Scotland recently.

How much do you miss being behind the decks?

Wish you hadn’t of asked. It’s left a really big void in what I get up to and look forward to constantly. I guess it’s just going to be the norm for the time being.

Will you be dropping any new music later this year?

YES. I’ve got a load of stuff I’m really excited to share with everyone in the near future as well as some collaborations I’ve been planning.

As someone who DJ’s regularly how much has COVID impacted you financially?

This is a difficult question as It’s more of a hobby rather than a job really. To be making money doing something I love so much is a total bonus. Having said that I hope I’m back at parties and not delivering takeaways as soon as possible hahahaha.

Macka b2b with Denis Sulta in Aberdeen in 2019

Hold up. Who you doing deliveries for?

Big up Soul Sushi in Edinburgh. Best sushi in the East Coast. Quote that

Have you discovered a lot of new music during lockdown?

As I’ve said the music coming out of Scotland at the moment is great. Shout out to LF System, Testpress and Jezz Simpson.

Who have been you been listening to the most during lockdown 

I’ve been listening to a variety of stuff during lockdown and I don’t tend to stick to electronic music either. There’s too many choices to pick one.

What’s something that not a lot of people know about you?

My uncle is a massive influence to me and my drive for electronic music. In the 90’s he DJ’d under the alias “The Waxman” and is really clued up. It’s great to be able to chat about how it was back then. Also my wee brother Rory is a shit hot dancer and is going to do big things, check him out.

Who’s your favourite producer right now 

Loving Dance System’s music at the moment.

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