By Bill Rah

Meet Jake Murgatoryd. The 23-year-old from Bradford is based in Newcastle. He has only being DJ’ing and producing for 2 years and has established himself as one of the most unique young producers in England.

“I keep my mixes, sets and tracks very high energy. Floor fillers that’s the sounds I want to get out.” Murg has a flair for Nu Disco-House that makes you move, groove and want to show off your two-step. Last summer after he graduated from university he shifted his focus on his production. “I got into my acid the last few months.” This was a reference to his upcoming EP Psychedelia which is dropping this year. Expect 140 BPM break-beat techno with shades of acid.

“I wanted to experiment and make something different.” His style of production has evolved from disco edits to original techno and acid which is heavily influenced by 90’s rave style. “I wanted to make something heavier. That’s the beauty of production. You can make any sound you want. It’s nice to have variation.” Jake extracts a lot of influence from 90’s rave culture.

He is passionate about Newcastle music culture. Praising the cities diversity and inclusivity. “I feel Newcastle is diverse and I don’t feel there’s any discrimination, especially from my experiences. I do feel there’s a push for female DJ’s to play and a lot of support which is needed in the industry to put females at the forefront of the industry to promote equality.” Promoting a sense of equality and showcasing female talent helps electronic music evolve.

The industry needs balance. Murg understands the flaws within Newcastle music culture. “Newcastle lacks a subby-type club. We have Cosmic Ballroom but it’s not got the hype anymore.” He feels “a lot of events are solely focused on money rather than throwing a good party.” He has a fair point considering the industry is driven by money.

“Focus more on the talent and the party which I feel would increase the number of folks down rather than only focus on playing people who bring a few pals down.” If promoters were not driven by financial greed maybe they wouldn’t be so willfully blind. They should focus on the rich pool of underground talent.

Naturally the conversation drifted towards the pandemic. The pandemic has warped every day life and changed history for the worse. The economic impact of COVID-19 is devastating multiple industries. Murg feels over the time the economy and industries will recover. “Hopefully this pandemic and economic impact will help people think about what is important and not focus on greed and profit.”

Matter of fact, he has a convincing point. Life isn’t all about the money. Promoters have a tendency to get that convoluted. They don’t understand the difference between showcasing diverse young talent and making some extra cash by giving a residency to white DJ’s. You can’t change things by promoting women once a month. Promoters should make a concentrated effort to put forth a diverse lineup in all of their events. This applies to every city in the UK.

“I feel they should just pay more attention to the talent they have around them and promote their residents as well as headliners. Events which showcase resident mixes is a good way to promote both the event and residents.” He feels strongly that promoters should essentially sell their residents to the market and not just the headliner.

Murg has only being producing for a short period of time, despite this his music is exciting and energetic ranging from retro disco edits to raw punchy acid. His upcoming EP Psychedelia demonstrates his craftsmanship as a multifaceted producer. He has also began preparation for a third EP. Immersing himself in a melodic Techno sound which evokes shades of Solomon. The third EP might be Murg’s best work yet.

He also has another collaboration with Meg Ward dropping this year. Murg has played alongside his best friend Meg Ward which they both mutually describe as an amazing experience. “We bounce off each other. Playing b2b is natural. We both do our own thing and it works.” The duo have established themselves in Newcastle, spearheading a new wave of Neo Disco House and uptempo acid.

Check out the cover mix

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